Monday, July 25, 2011

Name Tags with a Purpose - Free Printable

Browsing through catalogs filled with classroom supplies and teaching materials is a great way to get ideas for Do-It-Yourself projects. Not only can you save money, but you can tailor a product to your own preferences to better meet the needs of your students and classroom. While looking through one of these catalogs (my favorite - Really Good Stuff: Fun & Creative Tools for Today’s Classroom), I found some name-tags that serve a variety of purposes...

Name-tags don’t just have to be a way to identify whose desk is whose or to assist a classroom visitor with the names of students. Name-tags can serve as an opportunity to meet the needs of young learners in other ways. First and foremost, a good name tag models for students correct letter formation of their own name. It's an opportunity for a highly visible reinforcement. 

...Back to the neat name-tags! ReallyGoodStuff has a couple different options in the multi-purpose name tag department. Here is a video that discusses the uses of these "desk top helpers" and shows all the different types offered:

These name tags provide additional and appropriate support for young students by containing alpha and number strips and color names. However, at $20-$30 (plus shipping) for a class set, you might find yourself not as excited about using these in your classroom. While I love these, I wanted something that also had a picture cue for each letter of the alphabet since so many of my learners struggle with short vowels and b/d reversals for the first part of the, I made my own!

I pulled from a variety of resources and made something that works better for me. And since it might work for your classroom as well, I'm including the files so that you can use it and make it your own! I will print these out on cardstock and cover with clear contact paper on the desks for year-long durability. 

Basic Template 

Using a D'Nealian font or a website like Writing Wizard , I will type my names in so that they come out looking like this: 

I created these using a basic table in my word processor. Once I can figure out how to upload documents, I will have the originals up here so you can make them your own. 

There you have it - name tags with a purpose! 


lesliep said...

Love the blog! :)

SmilesandSunshine said...

Thanks! That's just what I was looking for! Do you think you could email me the file? It'd really help! shauna altman at gmail (dot com and no spaces.)

SmilesandSunshine said...

Oh, and I can't tell what the V picture is.